President’s Word

Packaging innovation drives our industry

Pierre Pienaar*

There is so much exciting happenings within the WPO these days. We welcomed three new members to the organisation at our recent meetings in Dusseldorf, namely Egypt, Republic of Ireland and France. We are currently speaking with four additional countries about becoming members of the WPO. In addition, the WPO Executive team have been crossing the globe presenting at conferences, both physically and virtually, as well as attending numerous packaging exhibitions.

I was interested but not surprised to read in the global packaging news that sustainability, smart packaging, e-commerce, and personalisation will be key trends driving innovation in the industry in the second half of 2023. By embracing these trends and exploring new technologies and materials, packaging companies can stay ahead of the curve and meet the evolving needs of consumers in the years to come. I have noticed that each global packaging conference that I have attended recently continues to include sustainability, but now more so smart packaging at each conference gathering.

The e-commerce packaging market continues to grow at an alarming rate, thanks to the boost these past few years. We cannot be devoid of packaging, we cannot escape, it is all around us, so let us embrace it.

The recent WorldStar Awards Ceremony held during Interpack again showed the latest in developments in innovation. It is packaging innovation that drives our industry and ensures development and challenges the status quo. More importantly, it is packaging innovation that enhances and ensures “Better Quality of Life, Through Better Packaging, For More People”. The other encouraging aspect of the WorldStar Awards program is that it encourages more developing countries to become involved and enter in the awards program.

We have a responsibility and a challenge to ensure packaging gets better and better in all respects. The WPO continues to form relationships with other related industries in the pursuance of better packaging outcomes, holding webinars congresses and conferences, some physical and some virtual and some in a hybrid format. The WPO when presenting in these numerous global conferences continues to spread the word on sustainable packaging, which includes a positive approach on plastics in packaging.

Plastic packaging is not going anywhere soon, as plastic-based packaging will maintain over 50% share of packaging materials across global consumer packaged goods categories by 2024, According to PMMI Business Intelligence Report.

We in the WPO will continue the drive of encouraging and ensuring that all are informed about packaging design for recycling. I encourage all to review our website to learn more on the resources that are available to ensure this sustainable outcome, see:

On behalf of all at the WPO, I wish you good health and safety. Take care and best wishes.

*Pierre Pienaar is President of WPO

[email protected]
WPO – World Packaging Organization
World Packaging Organization

Message from General Secretary

Celebrating a remarkable weekend: a heartfelt thank you to all participants!

Dear members,

we hope you're feeling happy and content as we look back on the incredible time we spent together at interpack. The WPO events that happened from Friday, May 5th to Sunday, May 7th were truly special, and we owe it all to each and every one of you who participated. We want to express our heartfelt thanks for making these moments truly unforgettable.

The journey began with our important Executive Meeting on Friday, May 5th. It was a day filled with interesting discussions, planning for the future, and working together as a team. The knowledge and expertise we had in the room were amazing, and we truly appreciate the active involvement and valuable contributions of our executive members.

On Saturday, May 6th, we had an exciting day ahead with our Working Groups. The atmosphere was buzzing with energy as teams came together to explore new ideas and brainstorm solutions for the challenges we face in the education, marketing and sustainability working groups. The dedication and passion shown by each group were truly commendable, and the outcomes of these sessions will undoubtedly shape our future endeavors.

As evening approached, we had the privilege of hosting the prestigious Worldstar Global Packaging Awards Ceremony on Saturday night. It was a breathtaking celebration of creativity, excellence, and innovation in the packaging industry. We want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding achievements. Your vision and commitment to pushing boundaries have set new standards of brilliance in our industry.

On Sunday, May 7th, we gathered for our Board Meeting, where almost all of our members came together to discuss and plan for the future. The discussions were filled with wisdom, foresight, and a shared commitment to making positive changes. We are incredibly grateful for the thoughtful insights and visionary ideas that were shared during this important session.

We're excited to announce that during the Board Meeting, we elected our new President, Luciana Pellegrino. Luciana's extensive experience and dedication to our organization make her an exceptional leader, and we have full confidence that her presidency will bring new levels of success and impact. Luciana will officially begin her role in November, bringing her vision and guidance to our collective efforts.

Now, as we say goodbye to this incredible weekend, we want to remind you of the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. We're thrilled to announce that our next meeting will take place from November 20th to 24th in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. This lively city, nestled against the stunning backdrop of Table Mountain, promises to provide an inspiring setting for us to gather once again and continue our mission of shaping the future of packaging. Please keep an eye on your e-mails, you will soon receive information about our next meeting.

Until we meet again, let's carry the spirit of collaboration and innovation in our hearts, and let's continue to make a positive impact on the world through our collective efforts.

Warmest regards,

Johannes Bergmair
WPO General Secretary
[email protected]

Nathália Antoniazzi
WPO Secretariat
[email protected]

Hot News

Luciana Pellegrino, from Brazil, is elected President of WPO for 2024-2026

WPO was proud to announce that Luciana Pellegrino, Managing Director of ABRE (Brazilian Packaging Association), was elected on May 07, unoposed, as President of the Organisation. She will assume on November 25, 2023. Until then, Pierre Pienaar, from Australia, will continue as WPO President. “According to WPO statute, the past and the elected Presidents have time to work together until the final transition”, explains Pierre Pienaar.

Connected to the packaging industry since 1996 when invited for an experience at Bryce Corporation USA, Luciana Pellegrino is the first woman to assume the World Packaging Organisation Presidency. Graduated in business administration, with specialization in environmental sciences, Luciana has more than 26 years of experience as the Managing Director of the most important packaging association in Brazil and one of the key ones in Latin America, ABRE. She also has more than 20 years of experience involved in WPO. Her most recent assignment in WPO was as Senior Vice President of Marketing, a role that she will keep until November 2023.

“I am extremely excited about this opportunity and honoured by this vote from WPO Board Members. I have dedicated over 20 years to support and strengthen WPO because I believe in the huge positive impact we can make to the global packaging community. Furthermore, it is a privilege to take over from Pierre Pienaar after these inspiring years of his presidency and to lead WPO ahead, counting on the support of WPO members, corporate partners and our strategic market partners”, states Luciana.

On November 2023, during the 2nd WPO Board Meeting, Luciana Pellegrino will announce the complete Executive Team to work with her from 2024 to 2026.

From the Editor

The retail of the future? More story and less store!

By Liliam Benzi*

What if retail could connect the physical and digital worlds and, in addition, meet and especially anticipate the needs of the new consumer? This was one of the many challenges launched at NRF 2023 Retail's Big Show ( and that is already shaking heads and companies, not only in the industry, but throughout the chain. And when I say chain, I include - and invite you to participate - the packaging industries. Simply because we cannot stay out of this discussion.

To better understand the dimension of these trends, let's go to a summary of the main points discussed and materialized in this show and that were presented in an event of ABRE (Brazilian Packaging Association -, at Cazoolo Lab (, by professionals who visited and experienced this flurry of novelties presented in four days in New York.

According to Fabiana Wu, RFID manager at Avery Dennison (, connecting the physical world to the digital world continues to be the motto of digital transformation, and intelligent labels can help create this connection and new opportunities for the chain.

And if retail is driven by people there is nothing more obvious than understanding who these people are. Obvious, but not always easy. Today we live in an omnichannel environment where the journey starts at one point and ends at another. But in the future, the intelligence of things (IoT) will allow the product to secure multi-layered opportunities based on the preferences and behavior of that consumer, and whose recommendations will also be based on data synthesis.

In other words: we need to end the friction and use technologies to get more data and strategize continuously; the consumer's purpose must be connected to the brand's purpose. Thus, the future belongs to connected products that are born digital; the automation of the chain that is mandatory for operational efficiency; the consumption experience in the store that must be good but, even better, must promote the engagement of this consumer with the post purchase experience.

On the other hand, the NRF took up the concept of 'back to basics', proposing to rescue the meaning of retail. For Augusto Pereira, Commercial Director of Beontag (, this rescue may be the key to dealing with current challenges such as high inflation and recessionary prospects, difficulties in the supply chain and a reality of multiple crises (COVID, war, political, environmental, global recession, etc.).

The executive also emphasized the concept of “people centric” to ensure a performance based on truth and with a real purpose; where consumers are really at the center of the decisions. Augusto summarizes: "The 'phygital' (physical + digital) has no return, but the physical store will not die. There will be a coexistence and integration, and the consumer will participate the way they want, especially if the store guarantees attractiveness and experience. A true social hub that connects people and brands and where we no longer have customers, but guests."

The expert sees technologies and data in an environment of experiences and efficiency, with automation prioritizing service, simplifying the journey, and ensuring product authenticity. Sustainability will permeate all these actions, based on the end of the era of abundance not only in retail, but throughout the production chain, including, of course, packaging.

The “retail in flow” was another concept discussed at NRF 2023 and brought at the ABRE event by ESPM professor Ricardo Pastore. "Retail in flow is the optimal state of experience and experience is emotion. This edition of NRF taught us a lot about the shopping experience in a mix of anxiety and boredom, remembering that little knowledge generates anxiety and the young person who does not find challenges falls into boredom. Therefore, it is up to retail to create this flow from data, to ensure the fluidity of the process."

It is true that retail is re-emerging in the post-pandemic availing itself of a lot of technology, but more influenced by community, behavior, and the experience of people.

And what do retail's top CEOs think about all this? According to Jacques Meir, CEO of CX Brain, they are relearning how to deal with inflation; looking for efficiency and effectiveness with lots of automation; effectively having a culture of diversity on the agenda; and lots of use of data. "Consumer loyalty no longer makes sense, but recurrence does, meaning that before loyalty must come preference."

And ensuring this preference, especially in generation Z (people born between the second half of the 1990s to the beginning of the year 2010), means ensuring fluid personalization that accompanies the fluidity of this generation of mutant consumers who bring complexity to retail and, if not met, will become angry and may turn into haters. "If I could poetize, I would say that 'the store is a canvas, and the customer experience is the painting'."

The good news according to Alessandra Andrade of Retail Thinker ( is that for every relevant problem there is a solution. And a good part of these solutions was presented at NRF 23 by the 135 startups present, whose role is to eliminate hardware (dematerialize) and put data that can be decoded by any business, democratizing it. "The value of a startup is proportional to the market pain it will help solve," he sentences.

Two final questions need to be answered, "Who is the most important person in the brand?" and "What do culture and service management build?". For Edmour Saiani of Reference Point (, the most important person in the brand is the guy in the gondola since the customer is not part of the brand and is not loyal. Therefore, management and service build just that relationship.

"We deal with a ‘bipolar’ client who pays less for what is necessary and pays much more for what is desired; from subordinate, the consumer has become the protagonist of this relationship. That is why it is important to have at least 5% of products that are "crazy", viral, and help the customer to get to know the brand", Edmour ponders. And he adds: "The stores will NOT end, they will be the magnet to attract the client. But they are no longer architecture, but a scenario where service, affection, and education become the pillars to conquer the client and make him come back. The store of the future - and the future is now! - is more story and less store."


*Liliam Benzi is WPO Press & Communication Liaison Officer and runs its own Communication & Strategy company for the packaging industry, LDB Comunicação Empresarial.

[email protected]
(+ 55 11) 99989-1597
Liliam Benzi

Around the World

Sustainable packaging: from design to recycling

"Sustainable packaging: from design to recycling" was a conference organized by Latvijas Zalais punkts (The Green Dot of Latvia/LZP) in cooperation with the WPO member, Packaging Association of Latvia (LIA –, and the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LBTU).

The event, that gathered around 150 Latvian and international packaging industry specialists, had the WPO Vice President of Sustainability & Save Food, Nerida Kelton, as a speaker, presenting how packaging affects and can help the sustainability of society. Also from WPO, the General Secretary, Johannes Bergmair, elaborated on the future of packaging in the context of a circular economy and a sustainable society.

Iveta Krauja, the Chairperson of the LIA Board, introduced the global recommendations for circular packaging design; she explained its necessity to the Latvian packaging specialists and invited them to consider it in their daily work. To help on this task, they can access the ‘Packaging Design for Recycling Guide’, a WPO product that was translated to Latvian. The guide highlights the responsible selection of materials for new packaging or replacement of existing ones.

Other topics discussed in the conference included the planned changes in the regulatory framework of the European Union (EU) and Latvia regarding packaging and packaging waste; the green washing problem and recommendations on how to avoid it; opportunities and challenges in the transition to a more sustainable packaging; and discussions whether a plastic-free society is possible.

Within the conference program, Johannes Bergmair visited the Packaging Testing Laboratory of the Technology and Knowledge Transfer Department at LBTU, focused on the research and development of save food packaging and that provide systematical identification and research expertise for product and packaging development. He also visited PET Baltija JSC, one of the largest PET bottle recycling companies in Northern Europe. The company´s recycled material represents around 9% of local packaging waste, being clean material from Latvia Deposit system and the remaining 90% imported waste. 

For more information, contact Iveta Krauja, the Chairperson of the LIA Board, by e-mail [email protected].

Congratulations to the winners of Tunisian Student Star Pack 2023

The winners of ‘Tunisian Student Star Pack 2023’ were announced during the International Exhibition of Packaging and Printing PackPrint Tunisia 2023 (June 13-16). The Tunisian Packaging Technical Center (PACKTEC), a WPO member, organized the Award competition and the ceremony that took place on June 15.

This annual competition was addressed to all students with packaging design projects or solutions in primary and secondary packaging, grouping, packaging accessory, or POS. More than 30 projects participated in this edition which objective was to value the work of the students and to incentive them to follow a carreer in packaging, as well as to show the universities the value of packaging to achieve the needs of the industry and of the society.

From the 30 participants, the jury selected 12 winners: 10 projects in the ‘Creativity and Innovation’ (efforts related to incentive the purchasing, the use and the adaptation to the target markets) and 02 projects in the ‘Technical’ category (innovation, improvement of packaging, preservation of product quality, and easy implementation at the various stages of manufacturing).

Istituto Italiano Imballaggio presents its strategic guidance for 2022-2024

"The policy line of my chairmanship is based on the principle of synergy between the components of our network, which includes the spin off Packaging Meeting Srl and Fondazione Carta Etica del Packaging", stated Alessandra Fazio, President of the Italian Packaging Institute, a WPO member, explaining the guidelines behind her leadership's actions and strategies for 2022-2024.

The program keywords are communication, training and related companies. The communication is expressed through a specialist management of the Linked In channel. Fondazione Carta Etica del Packaging is in charge of the development of higher education projects and university masters, concluding strategic agreements with major national universities, while Packaging Meeting Srl has set up new expert courses for company technicians, organized in collaboration with other associations.

About membership, the Instituto will launch a survey among companies to identify niches of activity and new topics to develop, with emphasis in economic, market and the process of internationalization. To reach these goals, there will be also more organized and structured collaboration with other international bodies.

For more information, send an e-mail to Alessandra Alessi, responsible for Communication at the Instituto Italiano Imballaggio [email protected].

AGMPM General Meeting in Greece

The annual General Meeting of AGMPM, WPO member in Greece, also included the election of the new Board of Directors and the approval of the new statute. The first guest speaker of the meeting was Konstantinos St. Psomopoulos that analyzed the holistic approach that governs the design of packaging according to the requirements of the European Commission; he also described the next steps to be implemented from 2025 to 2030. 

Then the second guest speaker was the lawyer Giorgos Konstantinopoulos that cited the evolution of the European legislation on packaging and packaging waste (PPWR) legislation on SUPs and micro plastics; he drew attention to the upcoming legislation in the form of a regulation, focusing on some critical passages. 

WPO wishes success to the new Board of Directors of AGMPM in offering knowledge to its members and attending the demand of the Greek society for valuable packaging information. For more information, contact Dimitris Mandis by e-mail [email protected].

Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) celebrated its 57th Foundation Day

The Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP –, a Wpo member, celebrated its 57th Foundation Day on May 14, in Mumbai. It was a full house event with the participation of members from the industry and allied sectors, stakeholders, universities and guests. Among the participant, WPO Global Ambassador, Chakravarthi AVPS.

The event also witnessed a special Panel Discussion on ‘Sustainable packaging towards green future: challenges & expectation’, moderated by leading industry experts that shared their thoughts and visions.

On this historic day, IIP signed an official MOU to collaborate with various institutions, universities and government bodies. The Institute also released a special book on packaging designs, developed with the Government of India’s ODOP Project. According to Rajesh Kumar Mishra: “Our 57th anniversary is the day where we reflect upon the past, evaluate the present, and discuss the future. Our members from all over India are here and it is proud moment for each one of us.”

Recyclability of paper packaging discussed in Greece

WPO member in Greece, AGMPM, in collaboration with CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries – and Interseroh+ GmbH (, organized a webinar about recyclability of paper packaging. The event was based in the new harmonized method for controlling the recyclability of paper and cardboard, published in October 2022; it also included presentations about the certification of paper packaging recyclability "Made for Recycling", developed by Interseroh+ as an strategic tool of the Interzero organization. 

The first part of the webinar was dedicated to the presentation of CEPI´s actions, data on paper recycling in the European market and the requirements of the proposal of the new European Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), highlighting the chapters on recyclability, implementation schedule and recyclability criteria for paper packaging.  

The second part described the activities of the Intezero group, which is a large packaging waste manager in German responsible for recycling the collected packaging.  Biffa, Fraunhoffer lab also presented the recyclability control methods of paper packaging for the Greek market, comparing PTS versus CEPI. The event ended with a Q&A session and discussions about some examples of certified packaging, the compatibility of packaging collection and management systems in the EU, the possibility of managing packaging with food contamination, the use of recycled materials in primary food packaging, and the closed management loops of responsive packages. 

The material of the event is available to members and partners of AGMPM through the Secretariat and can be requested by e-mail [email protected]

Get ready to the 2nd International Packaging Congress in Turkey

WPO member, ASD (Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association –, will organize the 2nd International Packaging Industry Congress (December 07-08), in Istanbul. The purpose is to contribute to the development of the packaging industry and related industries, bringing the sector together with the production lines suppliers, researchers and non-governmental organizations that support the industry. The main topics to be discussed are:

  • Innovations in Packaging Technology
  • Packaging Printing and Graphics
  • The Future of the Packaging Industry
  • Industry 4.0 and Digitalization
  • Packaging Materials
  • Industrial Packaging & Dangerous Goods Packaging
  • Packaging and Shelf Life
  • Active and Intelligent Packaging
  • Innovation in Packaging
  • Sustainability in Packaging Industry & Circular Economy
  • Carbon Footprint in Packaging Industry
  • Innovations in the Packaging Recycling Technology
  • Role of Packaging in Prevention of Food Waste
  • Marketing and Consumer Trends
  • Packaging Design
  • Global Packaging Industry Statistics
  • Packaging Exports & Logistics

For more information, contact Aslihan Arikan, General Secretary of ASD, by e-mail [email protected].

Training course on the measurement of equipment effectiveness in Greece

WPO member in Greece, AGMPM, completed the 4th training seminar of SYVIPYS on lean manufacturing; the main topic was the measurement index of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). This index is considered a reference point to the industry to measure the productivity of each process and to determine the production cost and, by extension, the profitability of the industrial facility, process, and work center. 

The basis of the score is the use of lean production tools to increase the availability in the production line, to adjust the speed to its desired/nominal value, or to minimize the defective goods produced. The seminar presented the theoretical calculation of the OEE and some examples from the industry.

The minutes of the event are available to members and partners of SYNIPYS and can be requested by e-mail [email protected]

New packaging design for circularity was discussed in Indonesia

WPO Vice President Education, Henky Wibawa, was one of the speakers in the webinar ‘New packaging design for circularity - Reducing waste and keeping materials in the loop’, organized by WPO member, Indonesian Packaging Federation (IPF  - in the beginning of June.

Other speakers were Prakash Raut, Product Manager APAC at Ampacet, Richard Smith - Sustainability Director at Amcor Flexibles APAC, and Putut Pramono - Head of Packaging at Nestle Indonesia. More than 500 professionals attended the webinar moderated by Gerry Darmawan, Innovation Officer at IPF.

For more information, contact Ariana Susanti, Business Development Director of IPF, by e-mail [email protected] or.

From the Board

WPO welcomed 03 new ‘Full Members’ during the Board Meeting in interpack 2023

WPO approved three new ‘Full Members’ during its 109th Board Meeting and the first of 2023 held at interpack on May 07, in Düsseldorf (Germany). The new associations accepted as part of this global packaging community are the Chamber of Printing and Packaging Industries (Egypt), the Institut National du Design Packaging (France) and the Irish Packaging Society (Ireland). As ‘Full Members’, all have the rigth to vote in WPO matters.

“It is extremely meaningful to WPO to get new members from regions where we are not that active yet. This is a way of increasing our presence in other regions and, most important, to contribute to the sustainable development of local and global packaging industries. On the other hand, no doubt these three new countries – Egypt, France and Ireland - will give excellent inputs to WPO new projects and actions. So it is a ‘win win’ partnership”, celebrates WPO President, Pierre Pienaar.

Pierre thanked the Vice Presidents Soha Atallah (Events) and Nerida Kelton (Sustainability & Save Food) for approaching these three new Organisations and the General Secretary, Johannes Bergmair, for making their membership process easy and quick.

WPO presented the new edition of ‘WorldStar Pack Trends Report’ at interpack 2023

WPO launched during its 109th Board Meeting at interpack 2023, the new edition of the ‘WorldStar Packaging Trends Report’ that identify and analyse the main innovation seen in the winning packages of the WorldStar Awards and the Student WorldStar in 2023. Pierre Pienaar, WPO President, says: “The document is becoming a valuable source of information about packaging innovation and trends based on the incredible packages we see among the winners of these two global packaging competitions organized by WPO”.

“The idea is to bring, in each edition, not only the main trends seen among WorldStar and Student Worldstar winners, but also to relate these trends to macro trends in packaging, consumption and in each industry that uses packaging”, completes Liliam Benzi, WPO Press and Communication Liaison Officer, responsible for the content of the ‘WorldStar Packaging Trends Report’.

According to Liliam and based in markets´ researches, the main guidelines to the packaging industry in 2023, are:

  1. Retro & Vintage packaging
  2. Ubiquity of e-commerce
  3. Unboxing experience
  4. Digital twin technology
  5. The metaverse
  6. Packaging and technology are uniquely intertwined
  7. ROI considerations
  8. Digitalization for converters
  9. Sustainable packaging
  10. Smart packaging (intelligent, active and connected)

“The ‘WorldStar Packaging Trends Report’ also identified some major technologies that should impact the packaging industry in 2023. And they are: Automation, Big Data Analytics, Robotics, Smart & Connected Packaging, Virtual Reality/3D, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and the Metaverse”, completes Luciana Pellegrino, Senior Vice President Marketing of WPO.

“Based on the information presented in the new edition of ‘WorldStar Packaging Trends Report’, we can have a clear idea of the value of the packaging that participate in WorldStar. WPO Awards are definetely the best showcase in the world for packaging innovation and we incentive the global packaging industry to participate. Packaging elegible to WorldStar are the ones that has been awarded in a local packaging competition organized by a WPO member or recognized by WPO. You can have more information at our webpage”, explains Soha Atallah, WPO Vice President Events and WorldStar Coordinator.

The ‘WorldStar Packaging Trends Report’ was developed under the Marketing portfolio and it is available for free download at WPO webpage or at the link .

WPO President, Pierre Pienaar, at Fispal Tecnologia 2023

WPO President, Pierre Pienaar, was a keynote speaker in the Packaging Forum at Arena FispalTec, one of the attractions of Fispal Tecnologia that took place in São Paulo (Brazil), from June 27 to 30. Pierre´s presentation was about “Packaging - perspectives for the future”.

WPO was also part of the ‘Packaging Boulevard’, a special area, hosted by WPO local member ABRE (Brazilian Packaging Association), that presented packaging that won regional competitions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba and Mexico, as well as some winners of WorldStar, the global packaging competition organized by WPO.

“The ‘Packaging Boulevard’ was perfect to engage with WPO members in Latin America and to increase WPO participation in the region, presenting all our activities and showing how we can contribute to the development of the packaging sector globally”, explains, Pierre Pienaar.

According to Luciana Pellegrino, Executive Director of ABRE, Senior Vice President of Marketing and recently elected WPO President (assuming on November 25), “Fispal Tecnologia is a very important and special occasion for the packaging industry in Brazil and in Latin America, and a great opportunity to incentivize innovation in packaging, inspiring the visitors with the awarded packaging from different parts of the world.”

Get ready to the second WPO Board Meeting in November 2023

The Institute of Packaging South Africa (IPSA) looks forward to warmly welcoming all the WPO members for the next WPO meetings, which will be held in Cape Town from 20-24 November 2023. All the meetings will be held at the vibrant V&A Waterfront.

An outline of the meeting schedules is given below. During your stay, IPSA will be arranging various sight-seeing options and experiences, for you to fully experience the beauty of the Cape. We are also excited to announce that the winners of our prestigious local industry awards program – The Gold Pack & Afristar Awards – will be announced and their awards presented at an African feasting banquet, taking place on Tuesday evening, 21 November. IPSA would be honoured to host any official WPO members at this Awards event.

As November is a busy season in Cape Town, please do not delay in booking your accommodation. We have created a user-friendly interactive map. The map shows the location of the meetings (Workshop 17 at The Watershed, 17 Dock Road) and all the hotel/accommodation options nearby. As you click on each location icon on the map, a pop-up window will open, giving more information and approximate rates for each hotel. Many of these hotels are in safe walking distance from the meeting venue. We also would recommend using one of the on-line services such as or to find a wider range of accommodation.

A registration form will be sent out in early August, where you can confirm your attendance for each meeting and for the various sight-seeing and social activities. We will also ask you to confirm where you are staying so that we can connect groups staying in the same locations.

If you have any questions, concerns or difficulties with your booking, you are welcome to contact Bill Marshall [email protected] for assistance. If you require an invitation letter for your visa and travel arrangements, please send your full name and passport number to Bill Marshall and the invitation will be sent to you.

Monday 20 November - Press Briefing
14h00 - 16h00

Tuesday 21 November - Executive Meeting (Exec members only)
09h00 - 17h00
Workshop17 (and Zoom)
Evening: Gold Pack Awards Dinner - Official WPO delegates as guests of the Institute of Packaging SA

Wednesday 22 November - Working Groups
14h00 - 17h00
Workshop17 (and Zoom)
Morning: Optional Cape Town inner city tour incl. Table Mountain. Costs and details to follow

Thursday 23 November - Board Meeting
09h00 - 17h00
Workshop17 (and Zoom)

Friday 24 November - Winelands Tour
Costs and details to follow


WorldStar 2024 is open for entries!

WorldStar Awards, the global packaging competition organized by WPO, has just announced the registration of the 2024 edition is open until October 15, 2023. The registration process is quite simple and is all online via the site

Packages eligible for WorldStar Awards are those that have already received a national or regional packaging award from a packaging competition that is recognized by WPO, during the last 2 years. “Our aim is to promote packaging innovation in various sectors, proving that a good package can be an essential solution to many of the modern problems, especially sustainability and circular economy, food waste and save food, digitalization, retail, and e-commerce. That´s why we encourage all the companies from around the world to benefit from this global opportunity to promote their packaging by competing with the best of the best packaging innovation on a global platform”, explains Soha Atallah, WPO Vice President Events and WorldStar Coordinator.

The expectation is that the 2024 edition surpasses the record of the 2023 that registered 488 entries, from 41 countries. “The numbers confirm that WorldStar is the most prestigious and important packaging award in the globe”, celebrates Pierre Pienaar, WPO President. And adds: “It was a phenomenal success not only in number of entries but in the increase of the participation from the Arab region, like Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. This sends a clear message to the world: WPO is a unique organization whose mission is to contribute to the development of a sustainable global packaging community. With the WorldStar recognition, we go beyond our vision: ‘Better quality of life, through better packaging, for more people’”.

Luciana Pellegrino, WPO Senior Vice President Marketing and recently elected President (assuming on November 25), completes: “From a global to a local perspective, the WorldStar Awards showcases global trends in packaging around the globe highlighting how each region is addressing packaging innovation. And from a local to global one, winners from each country gain visibility and recognition on a global level, opening doors for business opportunities”.

For the 2024 edition, the Beverage category was divided into ‘Alcoholic’ and ‘Non Alcoholic’. “The continuous updating of WorldStar, according to the global packaging industry demands, echoes the importance of packaging innovation on a global level, fostering science, technology and innovation, recognizing and encouraging packaging professionals to go beyond, and engaging brands, packaging companies and design offices for greater possibilities”, states Soha Atallah.

The 2024 WorldStar judging process will take place during November 2023 and the announcement of winners is scheduled to January 2024.  Information on the Awards Ceremony and Gala Evening will be communicated in January 2024.

For general enquiries on WorldStar contact Soha Atallah by e-mail [email protected] or visit Follow WorldStar Awards on LinkedIn @WorldStar Awards

Winners of WorldStar Packaging Awards 2023 and Student WorldStar were awarded during interpack 2023

WPO awarded in interpack 2023 (Düsseldorf, May 04-10), the winners of WorldStar 2023 and WorldStar Student during a Gala Ceremony on May 06 at Messe Düsseldorf. 140 companies, from a total of 228 winners, were present to receive their trophies. In a record edition, the WorldStar registered 488 entries, from 41 countries; in the previous edition (2022) there were 440 competitors from 37 countries. “These numbers confirm that WorldStar is the most prestigious and important packaging award on the globe, and interpack was the perfect place to award these incredible packages”, celebrates Soha Atallah, WorldStar Coordinator and WPO Vice President of Events.

During the Gala dinner, the WPO also awarded the winners - Gold, Silver and Bronze - of the Special Categories - Marketing, Sustainability, Accessible Packaging, and Packaging that Saves Food. “These Special Categories reinforce the importance and power of the main trends in packaging. We highly recommend that companies apply for WorldStar. Participating and winning WorldStar is a global recognition and puts your packaging in a different and prestigious level”, states WPO President, Pierre Pienaar.

Another Special Category awarded during the ceremony was the ‘President´s Award’. In this case, from all the entries received, Pierre Pienaar chose the one that represents the main innovation and differentiation in the packaging industry.

“Packages eligible for WorldStar Awards are those that have already received a national or regional packaging award from a packaging competition that is recognized by WPO, during the past two years. The aim is to promote packaging innovation in various sectors, proving that good packaging can be the essential solution to many of the modern problems, especially sustainability in consumption chains, prevention of food waste, extension of shelf life, safety and consumer convenience”, adds Luciana Pellegrino, Senior Vice President of Marketing and President elected of WPO to assume on November 25.

You can check the Special Categories below and view the photos of the Gala Ceremony at the link:

President´s Award

  • Gold - EverchemTech (South Korea) - Nexrier® Eco-friendly packaging materials with high oxygen barrier properties based on protein.
  • Silver - Flöter Verpackungs Service (Germany) – Air Wave Paper Wave Bio air cushions.
  • Bronze - Coca-Cola Tokyo Research & Development Company (Japan) - Coca-Cola label-free PET bottle.


  • Gold - Deco Glas (Germany) - SE Mast-Jägermeister #savethenight edition thermochromic screen print on glass bottle.
  • Silver - Pyroll Packaging (Finland) - Every bird is special yogurt cups' paper-based lids designed by consumers/end-users.
  • Bronze - ZRP Printing Group (China) - Flower tea gift box.


  • Gold - BioPak (Australia & New Zealand) - Sugarcane pulp hot and cold cup lids.
  • Silver - Coca-Cola Tokyo Research & Development (Japan) - Coca-Cola label-free PET bottle.
  • Bronze - Raja (Norway) - SeaStretch the first manual stretch wrap made of paper.

Accessible Packaging

  • Gold - Toyo Seikan (Japan) - Finger-fitting tab for food can lid.
  • Silver - Caps & Closures (Australia & New Zealand) – EzyGrip.
  • Bronze - The Salt Industry Center (Japan) - Shio Hitofuri one-shake (“hitofuri”) salt.

Packaging that Saves Food

  • Gold - Amcor Copperprotek (Chile) - LifeSpan copper based film.
  • Silver - Caps & Closures (Australia & New Zealand) - ThermoShield temperature monitoring system.
  • Bronze - Masterpack Group (Netherlands) - Modified atmosphere technology.

For general enquiries on WorldStar contact Soha Atallah by e-mail [email protected] or visit

For general enquiries on Student WorldStar contact Bill Marshall by e-mail [email protected] or visit

Worldstar Student

Worldstar Student 2024 competition is open for entries

Zeynep Ozel receiving her award at WorldStar 2023 Ceremony

WPO’s WorldStar Student Competition is open for entries that can be submitted online at The competition is designed to encourage and highlight the talents of students across the globe as well as showcasing new and innovative ideas and thinking in the field of packaging. Student winners are given the opportunity to gain professional acknowledgement and exposure through WPO’s global publicity platforms. The prizes rank from an overall top three scoring submissions, which will be awarded the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals accordingly.

The competition has introduced ‘Market Categories’ this year, and the top scoring submission in each category will achieve an award. These categories are: Food, Beverage, Household, and Health & Personal Care; other market category awards may also be given subject to the number and type of entries received for each. Special Awards will additionally be given to the top scoring entries against specific criteria, namely: Marketing Appeal, Sustainability and Save Food Packaging.

The WorldStar Student competition is open to students enrolled in collegiate-level design program or packaging engineering program (undergraduate or graduate) anywhere in the world, who have already won an award at a national/multi-national competition for students organized or recognized by that country’s or region’s WPO member organization (National Packaging Body). Students from countries without a National Packaging Body can enter through a National Student Competition, which is recognized by WPO or any other WPO member organization.

The closing date for entries is 01 November 2023. The WorldStar Student is coordinated by WPO member in South Africa, IPSA (

For more information regarding the competition, entry process and eligibility, please visit the website: or email: [email protected].


WPO new Position Paper ‘Sustainability perspectives across the globe’ is available

WPO is pleased to announce that the new Position Paper ‘Sustainability perspectives across the globe is available for free download on the website or via the PDF link

“Looking through the lens of WPO members, sustainability is ever-evolving, dynamic and in a flux of change subject”, states Nerida Kelton, WPO Vice President Sustainability & Save Food. She explains the document is the result of recent discussions among 21 countries, WPO members (Finland, Austria, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, United States of America, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Israel, India, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand), about the latest trends, barriers, challenges and initiatives within their country and region.

”What is interesting is that the sentiment is the same in every corner of the globe. Whilst a lot is happening in circular and sustainable design, a lot more needs to be done to realistically be able to meet packaging and waste targets globally, regionally and locally”, adds Nerida. The common themes are designing out waste at the start, eliminating problematic materials, phasing out single use plastics, incorporating more recycled content into products, and ensuring that the materials and packaging that is put out into the market is in fact capable of being collected, sorted, recycled, reprocessed and put back into other solution.

Key initiatives and programs that are being developed across the WPO member countries include:

  1. Moving soft plastics and flexible packaging to mono material formats that can be recycled and/or reprocessed through Advanced Recycling facilities, Kerbside collection or Return to Store programs.
  2. Developing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Regulations. 
  3. Establishing Plastics Pacts and roadmaps for the country or region.
  4. Creating Deposit Return Schemes/Container Deposit Schemes.
  5. Building facilities for recycled content.
  6. Establishing Single Use Plastics (SUP) Regulations.
  7. Improving Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) capabilities and technologies.
  8. Building Advanced/Chemical Recycling facilities.
  9. Developing Consumer Education for Recycling.
  10. Creating on-pack labelling programs to help guide consumers to recycle correctly.

“With so much happening across the world, WPO offers a unique platform to be able to bring developed and developing countries together, in one room, to regularly and openly discuss what is happening globally, regionally and locally”, celebrates Pierre Pienaar, WPO President. According to him, “The Sustainability & Save Food working group is a strong and passionate team of packaging experts from across the world who are all working towards circular design. The group learns from one another, and we hope that members take some of the ideas and programs back to their own country to implement. WPO recognises that no country can do this by themselves. By sharing knowledge, on not only the positive sides of sustainability, will enable all of us to have a clearer view on what needs to be done in our own regions to meet global, regional and local packaging and waste targets.”

“Everyone has a role to play to ensure that packaging is being designed to provide the lowest environmental impacts wherever possible and that the materials and formats are fit-for-purpose, functional and truly capable of being collected, sorted, recycled and reprocessed in the country that it is sold in”, ends Nerida.

Special Article

Circular Economy in packaging: a sustainable solution to waste

By Jopack*

The world is facing a waste crisis. Every year, we produce over 2 billion tons of waste, and only a small fraction of it is recycled. This waste is a major contributor to climate change, pollution, and environmental degradation.

One way to address this crisis is to transition to a circular economy. A circular economy is an economic system that aims to eliminate waste and pollution by keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible. This can be done through a variety of strategies, such as:

  • Reusing packaging - This is the most sustainable option, as it eliminates the need to produce new packaging altogether. Many companies are now offering reusable packaging options, such as refillable bottles and containers.
  • Recycling packaging - When reuse is not possible, recycling is the next best option. Recycling helps to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills and incinerators, and it also conserves resources.
  • Designing packaging for circularity - Companies can design their packaging to be more sustainable by using recycled materials, making it easier to disassemble and recycle, and making it more durable so that it lasts longer.

The transition to a circular economy in packaging will require a concerted effort from businesses, governments, and consumers. However, it is a necessary step in order to protect the environment and ensure a sustainable future.

Benefits of a Circular Economy in packaging

There are many benefits to transitioning to a circular economy in packaging and these benefits include:

  • Reduced waste – A circular economy in packaging can help to reduce the amount of waste produced. This is because products and materials are used for longer, which means that less waste is generated.
  • Conserved resources – A circular economy in packaging can help to conserve resources. This is because products and materials are reused or recycled, which means that less virgin materials need to be extracted from the environment.
  • Reduced pollution - A circular economy in packaging can help to reduce pollution. This is because less waste is produced, which means that there is less pollution from landfills and incinerators.
  • Improved environmental quality - A circular economy in packaging can help to improve environmental quality. This is because less waste and pollution means that the environment is cleaner and healthier.

Challenges of a Circular Economy in packaging

There are also some challenges to transitioning to a circular economy in packaging and they include:

  • Cost - The cost of designing and producing sustainable packaging can be higher than the cost of traditional packaging. This is because sustainable packaging often requires the use of recycled materials or new technologies.
  • Consumer acceptance - Consumers may be reluctant to switch to sustainable packaging, especially if it is more expensive or inconvenient. This is because consumers are often used to traditional packaging and may not be familiar with sustainable alternatives.
  • Government support - Governments need to provide support for the transition to a circular economy in packaging. This can be done by providing financial incentives, regulations, and other measures.


The transition to a circular economy in packaging is a complex challenge, but it is essential for protecting the environment and ensuring a sustainable future. There are many benefits to a circular economy in packaging, but there are also some challenges. However, with the concerted effort of businesses, governments, and consumers, the transition to a circular economy in packaging is possible.

*This article was written by the experts from JoPack (Jordan National Packaging Center), a WPO member. For more information visit

Special Article

Packaging design in Cuba: the successfull ‘Premio Envases y Embalajes 2023’

The 2023 edition of ‘Packaging and Packaging Award’ in Cuba achieved all its objectives: to promote the state of art in packaging and packaging manufacturing industry; to promote the technological development; and to motivate innovators. It also promoted opportunities for the exchange of information between the different actors of the economy that, in one way or another, are related to the container and packaging sector. The competition is organized by WPO member, CNEE (Centro Nacional de Envases y Embalajes), and winners are eligible to WorldStar Awards, the global packaging competiton organized by WPO.

Between January to May 2023, CNEE received the projects which were evaluated by a selected jury. In this edition, 12 products participated in 03 categories - beverage; cosmetics and personal care; food and other products. There were also projects participanting in the Student category, in the food, medical and pharmaceutical categories, and the winners are also eligible to Student WorldStar, from WPO.

The participants were:

  1. Cardboard box for shrimps - Conga
  2. Corrugated cardboard box for precooked whole lobster - Caribbean Queen
  3. Metal cases for the Cohíba, Montecristo and Guantanamera coffee
  4. Case for sweets - Producciones León
  5. Boxes of assorted fine artisan chocolates - Guamá
  6. La Molinera paper bag
  7. Eau de toilette D Havana for men
  8. Sanitary pads - Tiana
  9. Elixir de Ron Dorado Los Marinos cross-footed
  10. Rum El Valle de Cuba Superior Carte Blanche
  11. Arecha Gold Rum
  12. Case, bag and band for Guayabera - Criolla

Based on the evaluation criteria defined in the contest rules, the jury composed by industrial and visual communication designers from the National Design Office, decided to award three Prizes and two Mentions. The award ceremony was held on May 18, at the Casa de la Amistad, chaired by the Vice Minister of Industries, and with the presence of guests from various industrial sectors and representatives of the winning entities.

And the winners are….


Elixir de Ron Dorado Los Marinos cross-footed
Institution: EMBER Santiago de Cuba

Spirit drink packaged in a glass bottle, which rescues on its label and back label the graphic that represented the product for several years. In this way, nostalgia is alluded to the history of rum, which attracts a large part of Cuban consumers.

Ron El Valle de Cuba. Superior Carte Blanche
Institution: EMBER Pinar del Río

The graphic of the packaging of El Valle de Cuba rum shows cleanliness in the composition of the informative elements for the consumer. This is combined with the use of blank spaces, which enhance its condition as carte blanche rum. The spirit drink is packaged in a glass bottle, which visually appeals to an icon of the province of Pinar del Río, the Viñales Valley, declared by UNESCO: Cultural Landscape of Humanity.

Line of metal cases for the Cohíba,
Montecristo and Guantanamera coffee brands
Institution: Cubacafe

The packaging line faithfully represents the pairing of prestigious cigar brands. The selection of the container allows the consumer that the product can be preserved after being opened for the first time. At the same time, the packaging provides the user with easy handling during consumption.

Cosmetics and personal care products

Eau de toilette: S&C D Habana for man
Institution: Suchel Camacho SA

Glass container intended to contain a fragrance that constitutes an olfactory tribute to courage and masculine audacity. The upper part of the cap uses Mercury, a warrior of commerce, messenger of the gods, equipped with winged ankles and helmets. The case is made with an adequate selection of materials and finishes that provide elegance and distinction, through a symbol of Old Havana, such as the Lonja del Comercio. To do this, use the sculpture of the building, on its cover. The range of blues, applied in the graphics of the case, is linked to masculinity and the sea that surrounds our country and especially the capital. The use of texts in two languages (Spanish and English) is pertinent, which allows expanding the market niche, highlighting the values of our City in unison.

Packaging for other products

Case, bag and band for the Guayabera Criolla
Institutions: Durero Caribe SA and BOGA

The case and the bag show the graphic concept of the guayabera pocket, which owes its name to that element that, due to its size, allowed the guavas to be stored. The primary (box) and secondary (bag) packaging manage to protect the product and value the national clothing, which due to its presentation allows a positive transmission of its content and becomes an excellent gift option.

For more information senda n e-mail to  [email protected] or [email protected].

Country Report

Packaging education, training and awards in Kenya

The Institute of Packaging Professionals Kenya (IOPP Kenya – a WPO member, organized the ‘Kenya Packaging Summit 2023’, last March, in Nairobi. The event was the first of its kind in the continent and aimed to bring together industry professionals, stakeholders, and experts to collaborate on common packaging-related issues.

The theme of the event was ‘Sustainable packaging for brands and exports’ with a focus on discussing new technologies, best practices, and regulations for sustainable packaging in the context of brands and exports.

IOPPK main goal is to provide education and training to enhance packaging skills; this has been a target since the creation of the Institute 10 years ago. The Institute believes that to enhance the industry's skills, it is essential to bring the industry together to discuss common challenges. For this reason, the event will become annual and the Institute hopes that it will continue to serve as a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing among industry professionals.

Among the speakers in this first edition, WPO President, Pierre Pienaar; Joseph Nyongesa, CEO of IOPP Kenya; Angela Kinyua, Portfolio Director of Montgomery Group East Africa; and Ali Badarneh, Division Chief at UNIDO.

WPO Vice President of Events and WorldStar Coordinator, Soha Atallah, also participated launching the Ken StarPak National Packaging Awards and the Student Awards. The winners of both Kenyan awards will be eligible to Afristar Awards and to WorldStar Awards and Student WorldStar, both programs organized by WPO.

According to Pierre Pienaar, WPO President, “Kenya is leading the way in this forum in East Africa. It shows the importance that the African region gives to packaging and ensures they are aware of what is happening globally”.

The success of the Kenya Packaging Summit 2023 highlights the importance of the collaboration and the knowledge sharing among industry professionals to promote sustainable packaging practices. The next edition of ‘Kenya Packaging Summit is scheduled to March 11th, 2024.

For more information, send an e-mail to Zippy Shiyoya [email protected].


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