The World Packaging Organisation WPO is committed to educate those that have not had the privilege of educational opportunities on packaging technology.

Education is critical to achieve the WPO’s mission of “Better quality of life through better packaging for more people” and with leadership from the Education Committee this strand of our work is promoted and organized.

Education Committee

Through the Committee, packaging courses are organized and financially supported in those parts of the world where there is a lack of provision and a desperate need for greater expertise to help address problems of economic and social development. The Committee is also compiling a register of WPO’s recognized courses so that those who are looking for “fit-for-purpose” education and training provision in different countries have a source to which they can turn. Packaging education has never been more critical to help ensure that the world’s resources are used as effectively and economically as possible and through its work the area, the WPO will make a significant contribution to improving knowledge and expertise.

Education Committee Members are

WPO President: Prof. Pierre Pienaar,
ASD Turkey: Aslihan Arikan, Chair of Education Committee, VP Education WPO (January 2018 – January 2021), President APF
AIP Australia & New Zealand: Nerida Kelton,
CEPI China: Yuan Zhao,
Flexpack Pakistan: Saad Habib,
IOM3 UK: Ian Bowbrick,
IIP India: Prof. Tanweer Alam,
IOPG Ghana: Kofi Essuman,
IOPN Nigeria: Ahmad Alex Omah,
IOPP Kenya: Joseph Nyongesa,
IOPP USA: Jane Chase,
IPF Indonesia: Henky Wibawa, Ariana Susanti,
IPSA South Africa: Kishan Singh, WPO Ambassador,
IRIP Iran: Afshin Fakhr,
JPI Japan: Takehiro Kaneko,
KITECH Korea: Dr. Jin Kie Shim, Chang Kee Lee,
JOPACK Jordan: Sujud Al-Balawneh,
NVC The Netherlands: Oscar Faber,
PCS Singapore: Betty Tan,
PFPI Palestine: Ayman Sbeih,
PT. First Indonesia: Tuti Buntaran,
RPI Saudi Arabia: Ahmad Albakri,
SIES SOP India: Prasad Balan Iyer.

WPO’s Packaging Technology Training Courses

The Packaging Education has never been more critical to help ensure that the world’s resources are used as effectively and economically as possible and through its work the area, the WPO will make a significant contribution to improving knowledge and expertise.

WPO is offering 3-4-5-6 days long Packaging Technology Training Program amongst the member organizations and cooperating institutions. The purpose of those training courses at the beginning is to increase and develop professional knowledge and competency of Packaging Industry employees, other colleagues in related industries and university students. Therefore, WPO established the 3-4-5-6 days long “Packaging Technology Programs”, expecting to plan technical trainings in order to meet the requirements of many member organizations around the world, mostly in the developing countries.

Those courses are:

Member countries where those training programs have been organized are Brazil, China, Ghana, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Turkey since 2013.

With this perspective “Approved Programs by WPO for the year 2021” are:

  1. Pakistan - Flexpack Pakistan & WPO Packaging Technology Training,
  2. Kenya – IOPP Kenya & WPO Packaging Technology Training,
  3. Nigeria – IOPN Nigeria & WPO Packaging Technology Training,
  4. Lebanon/Jordan - WPO Regional Packaging Technology Training,
  5. Indonesia – Online WPO Packaging Technology Training,
  6. Iran – IRIP Iran & WPO Packaging Technology Training,
  7. Online WPO Packaging Technology Training.

Other education initiatives will be planned with the members of WPO in Asia, Middle East, North Africa (Egypt & Morocco) & Sub-Saharan Africa, Central & South America and Eastern Europe.

Potential training programs will be:

Questions or comments regarding WPO's education initiatives can be submitted to [email protected]



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