The Economic Role of Packaging

By Kishan Singh, The Institute of Packaging South Africa, May 2014

There are approximately 7 billion human beings on the planet and unless one is completely remote from modern civilization, one is constantly touched by packaging in some way or the other. Some people may not be aware of the economic value of packaging, simply because they are not in the packaging conversion industry, nor in the packaging supply chain, nor in the retail industry, and so they do not appreciate the role packaging plays in getting product to them. But without packaging, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a country would significantly reduce in value.

Packaging and Good Design

By Pierre Pienaar, Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), March 2014

Reaching consumers these days is difficult. No longer do traditional methods of advertising and marketing warrant the attention of consumers or their purchasing power. Business owners and advertisers alike, struggle to come up with creative ways to grab even the smallest bit of attention for their products. Creating an effective package design is one of the best most cost effective ways to do this but it requires originality, creativity, and the ability to emotionally connect with consumers.